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Here you will find the answers to almost all questions that are important in dealing with our portal.

Searching and finding products

home   How do I search for products?

To search for products, there are two possibilities. The Quick Search, (above the navigation of the website), is an easy way to search the selected articles by keyword. In the Quick serach all the items are scanned regardless of their category. You can also search within a category Filter define which you for example search the articles by location or a maximum price. Once you have entered the desired search filter, the number of matching items will appear on the button "Show results". With a click on this button to get the full list of results.

home   How do I contact the seller?

Are you interested in an item, you can send a message to the advertiser via the "Contact" button when viewing the product. Fill out only the form that opens, and click "Send Message". Reply Advertiser You can then under "My Account" -> See "My Mails". (You will also receive a notification e-mail)

If you have further questions, our support team will be happy to assist.