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Here you will find the answers to almost all questions that are important in dealing with our portal.

Posting an article

home   Step 1 - How do I choose the right category for my product?

After selecting the manufacturer and product opens up the category tree. Use the categories are the discontinued products useful divided into regions. Categories with a plus (+) before the names are further divided into subcategories.


To select a category, simply click on its name. Products can only be entered in categories that are not further divided into subcategories. If you click on a category that is not further subdivided to receive a query if you want to use this category. If the selected category correctly you confirm this query with "OK".

home   Step 2 - What are the symbols of the input fields?


In step 2, when entering the product data is located next to the input fields, each a symbol that give them a quick overview of which provides information on its products are still missing (or incorrect).


Eingabe gültig/optionalA green check mark symbolizes the entry of the field are necessary either correct or not, mandatory.


Eingabe fehlerhaftA red cross symbolizes a missing or incorrect information. Move to get the mouse over the error icon for a brief description of the problem.


Furthermore, on the Help icon (Hilfetext) next to the field description on the left to reach a short description of the field.


home   Step 3 - How do I choose the item location on a map?

In addition to specifying the item location as well as the address selection is possible on a map. In the input field "Location" is at the lower end of a link labeled "map". With a click on this link a Map of the specified location opens (if specified).

On the left side of the map are the controls that you can resize and move the map. You can move the map directly by pushing the neck down the mouse button in the desired direction.

Do you have the right map area found just click with the left mouse button on the item location on the map to these to highlight. The appropriate postal code and location are entered automatically. The red marker on the map represents the chosen location

home   Step 4 - How do I upload article pictures?

In the fourth step, you will be asked for photos to the article. Four pictures are included for every article.

To add a photo click on the "Browse" button on the left side of the form, on the right side you get to list the most important information about your product.

After clicking on the button "Browse" you will get a selection dialog in which you can select an image from your computer and upload it as an article photo. If you have accidentally uploaded a wrong photo you can use this on the "Delete" link directly under the corresponding photo to remove.

If you have uploaded multiple photos, you can define a photo as a "standard photo", this is used as the preview photo for the list view of the article and is also at the beginning shown by standard when viewing the product.

home   Step 5 - What I have to do in the last step?


The fifth and final step in listing a product is used to check the input data. You will get all of the specified product data in (almost) the same way it would be seen after input in the market.

Please check all entries in this step once more for accuracy and correct them if necessary on the appropriate buttons. (Can be found above and below the article)

Are all the necessary information entered and correct you can with the "definitively enter article" button, list your products in the market. Then you can see your products online.

Attention! It may take up to a minute until your products are viewable among the new products and the selected category!


home   How many goods can I sell?

You can sell as many goods as you want without limitation, so long the goods are in compliance with our Terms and conditions .

home   How long can I post my items?

How long can I post my items?

home   How do I edit or delete my offers?

On your account page . Sign up under 'Login' (top right of the page ) with your user name and password. Under ' My items ' you will find links to edit and delete your ads.

If you have further questions, our support team will be happy to assist.