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Here you will find the answers to almost all questions that are important in dealing with our portal.

General Information

home   Can I buy an article that I find interesting, without being a member ?

Unfortunately no, you must have an account with us, that means you must be registered with us, if your account is activated, you can log in and order your desired product or to contact the seller.

home   Can I contact the traders directly or do I have to do everything on the platform?

Yes, you can contact your  potential trading partner directly,without conducting the trade on the website.

home   If I forgott my login password, how do I solve this problem?

Go to 'Login' (top right of the page) . On the login page you will find a link " forgot password? " . Press on the link and add your e-mail, you then get a new password , which you can of course change according to your wish at anytime .

home   What is not allowed to sell?

Generally all goods and services are permissible  on stocklotseurope.co.uk, so long the  goods, services and the tradings does not contradict national and international law or morality. Moreover, the list below which by no means exhaustive, contains products and tradings that are prohibited. If you are unsure that your items are or not allowed, please feel free to contact us.

   *Stolen goods and items

   *Imitation and plagiarism ( Products , money, etc. ) forgery or counterfeit designer products.

   *Regulatory or safety-related papers , like ID cards, garments, or other items  .

   *Unconstitutional , racist , extreme right wing dissemination , presentation and their characteristics . In any form.

   *Weapons in the Firearms Act , in particular firearms, knives and stabbing weapons of any kind , as well as accessories and ammunition of any kind.

  * Several tobacco

   *Archeological discovery and findings

   *Drugs and pharmaceutical products

   *Health -depleting chemicals , radioactive materials , poisons and similar ones


   *Animals, but animal foods are allowed

   *Blood , Human body parts and fluids

   *Narcotics in the sense of drugs and other mind-altering substances

   *Toll telephone service ( 0900 numbers , polling communication , SMS services, etc. )

   *Illegal Music, DVD, movies, software or other bootleg recordings

   *Legally banned electronic items

   *Unauthorized copying of protected works or objects

home   How can I trade safely?

Your safety at stocklotseurope.co.uk is our top priority. That's why we have the certified Membership program for members to know that we have proved their potential trading partners existence and creditworthines. Thereby creating a better environment of trust  for the busines transaction.

And also the following tips to ensure safe use of the stocklotseurope.co.uk website;

Picking up your article personally : The personal picking up and payment of an item are the safest way of trading. Some basic rules should be taken into account in advance in order to protect yourselves from fraud. For example, Don´t take  large amount of money with you, preferably go with someone for extensive business.

If you could not meet traders personally (especially abroad)

Check their contact details such as phone number , address, e -mail. Call the specified phone number before you make any purchase. Ask the trader if he could send you a sample.

Rating: Check the ratings of your potential trading partner before buying for possible negative reviews .

Paying : Pay through PayPal, if the trader offers PayPal, if not, offer COD (now even Europe-wide possible) or an escrow service .

Never send cash through Western Union , Moneygram or other money transfer services or by mail.

Caution for upfront deposit to reserve an article.  

No upfront Bank transfers: Don´t transfer money in advance , especially if the seller is pressing on the money. Traders who want to have for example the Transport cost of  a commodity paid in advance , are often fraudsters . Learn to know the traders first before you ever make partly upfront bank transfers in the future.

Shipping : Find out in advance about shipping costs and delivery times . Note that at an international purchase may still incur customs duties.

Prohibited items . If you bought prohibited items on stockloteurope.co.uk, please report it to us immediately so that we can take action against it .

Contact us if you have any questions or problems with a member .

home   Can I pay with PayPal when i buy an article ?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal, and among other things we even recommend this payment method, because of the buyer protection.

home   What must I pay attention to when I buy goods outside of UK ?

When you buy goods abroad, you need to be sure that those goods are allowed to be imported and sold . We recommend to visit the customs website or call the seller.

home   Do I need to be a member to post a trade request ?

Yes to post a trade request or read them you must be a member .

home   What is the Watch List?

On your shopping Watch list you can save offers by using the Watch List ' link . Unregistered user shopping list is stored in a cookie in your browser. So, you can not access it from different computers . If you are registered, your watch list will be saved when you log into your  account. So you can access from any computer your watch list.

If you have further questions, our support team will be happy to assist.