1.1 Sesaniks Global Marketing Limited through Stocklotseurope.co.uk offers users a closed trading platform for its members to access a virtual marketplace for business-to-business commerce.

1.2. Socklotseurope.co.uk brings together traders in goods and services. Contracts can be directly concluded on the platform or done exclusively between respective parties.  Stocklotseurope.co.uk serves strictly to facilitate business transactions between respective parties. It is neither a representative nor a messenger of any parties to a transaction. It is not involved in any contract entered into by any parties.

1.3. Stocklotseurope.co.uk is for use legally by traders, merchants, entrepreneurs and freelancers as stipulated by the Commercial Code.

2 Membership

2.1 Membership costs £ 115, 00   plus VAT. for 12 months, bills would be sent by email. Payment is accepted via advanced bank transfer. There are no listings, sales fees. Membership is immediately activated as soon as membership payments were received.

3 Special Offers, Proved Membership

3.1 Special Marketing of services and goods by members may be set on the home page under the link "commercial listing “ of which members can choose specific slots for top items. , Sesaniks Global Marketing Limited will create invoices for all booked services which will be sent by email immediately. Payment must be received in advance through bank transfer before the required services are made .

3.2 members may apply for “Certified Membership”. Once payment is made, Stocklotseurope.co.uk creates an invoice and sends it immediately after receipt of an order. The fee of 117 pounds plus VAT for "Certified Membership"  assures members about the existence and credit information of those they wish to transact with. Where “Certified Membership" cannot be granted (which is rare), there is no entitlement to a refund of the fee.  stocklotseurope.co.uk reserves the right to implore “Certified Membership” on individual traders when offering - goods at high prices.

3.3. stocklotseurope.co.uk will send invoices and other items  effected by operation or use of its related documents via email. An invoice may be sent by mail on special request.

4 Terms of Use

4.1Registered members have full benefits of services rendered by stocklotseurope.co.uk. The prerequisite for using the platform is acceptance of a membership License Agreement during the registration process.

4.2 The online registration form should be completed and entail valid information provided by the potential member. . stocklotseurope.co.uk reserves the right to verify registration and credit information through appropriate institutions. For bad credit or bankruptcy, stoclotseurope.co.uk reserves the right to deny membership. In cases there is insolvency, during the course of a contract, stoclotseurope.co.uk is entitled to terminate the registration without any notice.

4.3 Members are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use services of stocklotseurope.co.uk. Services, data and information of stoclotseurope.co.uk are only for immediate use and it is offensive to pass on acquired offers, dealers or customer data to third parties or to conduct any trade using such acquired data.

4.4 stoclotseurope.co.uk reserves the right to deny conclusion of a contract without provision of any reason.

4.5 The website and services of stoclotseurope.co.uk are only provided for use by persons of eligible age. Minors are prohibited from using this site..

4.6 Complete information in terms of company and personal data should be provided at the point of registration.  In particular, the company name, authorized organ, respective legal address, telephone, fax numbers and email addresses must be specified. The information given by members will be used as a representative of legal entity that points to agency relationship.

4.7 When registering, the user chooses a password, which should be confidential and accessible only to him/her. The user is liable for all contractual or legal violations as a result of unauthorized access of the user’s account. The members name must not infringe on any third party rights, including trademarks, trademark rights, and naming rights or morality.

4.8 The user may register multiple membership account(s) at stocklotseurope.co.uk. However, transfer of any account(s) is prohibited.

4.9 stoclotseurope.co.uk is entitled to blocking access to offers made by the members. It also reserves the right to block a member from accessing his/her account at its own discretion. Violation of the Terms and Conditions by a member gives stoclotseurope.co.uk the right to terminate membership by blocking him/her from accessing their account. Termination is permissible particularly when the member:

   i) Gives incorrect information during registration

   ii) Uses stocklotseurope.co.uk to infringe upon third party rights.

 iii) Abuses the services of stoclotseurope.co.uk, particularly in relation to use or licensing third parties to provide information obtained through its licensing services, e.g. person or copied dealer data, copying, distribution, or other information

    iv) Has insolvency proceedings  opened against  their assets.

    v) Any other cause.

4.10 Immediate blockage of the member account prohibits the member from accessing stoclotseurope.co.uk services, websites and benefits. The assertion of damages resulting from members is excluded.

4.11 Stoclotseurope.co.uk reserves the right to require certified English translations of all incoming documents.

5 Contract and Registration

5.1 Following submission of relevant credentials upon registration, the contract is concluded by  stoclotseurope.co.uk by its  acceptance of the membership, subject to the contract, terms therein and conclusion of payment of the valid price list.

5.2 The membership contract is for 12 months, which automaticlly extends for another 12 months, therefore new membership payment is due, unless termination of membership is submitted.

5.3 Membership termination notice is  4 weeks prior to the end of current 12 month membership term.

6 Members ID and Password

It is mandatory that the members agrees to ensure that the members name and password are protected against unauthorized access by third parties. In case of any abuse of user data, the member shall notify stocklotseurope.co.uk immediately, unless s/he has already been notified of unauthorized access.

7 General Principles and Obligations of Members

7.1 Indications and Offers of the Seller

a) The members may set and adjust at stoclotseurope.co.uk legally binding offers for products in the appropriate category and describe them in all completion and validly.. The seller must truthfully specify significant information that the buyer requires in order to make a purchase decision based on traits and characteristics, as well as errors that reduce the value of the product. In the offer, the seller must indicate details on payment and delivery, power of disposal, as well as possibly existing statutory withdrawal rights under the Commercial Code. The seller must also provide all necessary information on transporting dangerous goods as stipulated by the transport law.

The seller assumes liability for accuracy of all information provided. stoclotseurope.co.uk is not obliged to check the accuracy of information. In cases where the fields in the form offer no details or limited information, additional information may be entered. If a violation is detected stoclotseurope.co.uk shall be entitled to cancel or correct the bid. In case of repeated violation stocklotseurope.co.uk is entitled to block or delete the member account of the seller or to offer a manual testing before release.

b) Once products are published the seller makes a binding offer to conclude a contract on the relevant product(s) at the stated price. Acceptance of the offer is conducted directly between the buyer and the seller.

c) The seller must hold the advertised product(s) within stated stock quantities and is liable for the fulfillment of a purchase contract.

d) The seller is bound by his/her offer until further notice of Any revocation. The seller is obliged to remove its offer as soon as the goods are completely sold.

e) Offers are not automatically deleted and the seller should, if the item is sold out, delete his/her bid

f) Where stoclotseurope.co.uk is made aware of disagreements between parties, the parties are obliged to provide, within the time limit set by stoclotseurope.co.uk, sufficient evidence of the contract and settlement. Failure to do so when stoclotseurope.co.uk is aware of any non-commercial or illegal actions of any party, entitles stoclotseurope.co.uk to terminate the membership account including all related data.

7.2 Purchase Requests

The buyer must provide product information to submit binding offers by describing product features through minimum information in the appropriate input box. The application is binding until revoked by the buyer deleting the request within stoclotseurope.co.uk. The buyer has the right to withdraw his/her application at any time. Stoclotseurope.co.uk represents the application providers available that have registered with it. The buyer’s purchase request is not a binding declaration of intent, but an invitation for bids. stoclotseurope.co.uk is entitled to reject a bid if the buyer violates these Terms and Conditions. Purchase requests may only be placed with the intention to enter into contracts. A seller may make binding offers on this bid, which are set at stoclotseurope.co.uk. From the date of receipt of bids, the seller is bound to the offer.

7.3 Duties of the prospective buyers

a) If the prospective buyer makes an offer to the seller at stoclotseurope.co.uk then declares against the seller accepting the offer, then this is just the sales contract. The prospective buyer is obliged to pay and accept the goods, and may put the seller up for review.

b) Providing access to third parties or other members of stocklotseurope.co.uk is prohibited (with respect to the use of received address, contact, offer data and e-mail addresses for commercially trading, i.e. for their own purposes or purposes of third parties) in particular to publishing bids and address data for consideration. Buyers are prohibited from disseminating, distributing, storing or otherwise duplicating any data within the system of stoclotseurope.co.uk or  from sending unwanted advertising (e.g. spam). A violation of the above requirements shall lead to immediate blocking and exclusion at stoclotseurope.co.uk

c) Members are not authorised to use mechanisms, software or other routines in connection with the use of the website, unless they are provided by stoclotseurope.co.uk.

8 Scope of the License and Penalties

8.1 The system and set of stoclotseurope.co.uk collected on website offers, products, articles and company lists as a database falls within the meaning of copyright as protected by Copyright Law. The registered members are granted a non-transferable right of use of this database and the corresponding data for the duration of the contract and within the appropriate scope. The member (licensee), is prohibited from directly or indirectly sub-licensing to third parties, in particular giving third parties the opportunity of the license granted to members data or accessing the database itself.  And prohibited from informing a third party data provider that information has been retrieved from the database of Stocklotseurope.co.uk. The website, including all graphics, images, logos, JPEG, PDF'S and its contents are protected by copyright. Copying, storing, reproducing or editing third party information is prohibited.

8.2 Violations of 8.1 Terms and conditions calls for injunctive relief. The right to claim further damages is not excluded.

8.3 Furthermore, Stoclotseurope.co.uk is entitled to terminate the right of use of the member with immediate effect and block all access. License and copyright infringement are crimes under Copyright Law and will be directed to relevant authorities.

9 Responsibility for Content and Rights of Indemnity

9.1 Members can publish his/her own services or goods, requests. stocklotseurope.co.uk thus acts as an information service provider, as well as provides access to content published solely by third parties. stocklotseurope.co.uk does not have the ability to review offers made by users before or after publishing. It is neither realistically achievable, nor obligatory, to review the offers for content.

9.2 Members bears sole responsibility for all substantive, legal, factual and other information contained in their account. Members agrees to the selection, design and publication of products and transmission, approval and publication of the offer information, fully aware of applicable laws to observe and ensure that neither protective laws, criminal laws, administrative regulations, nor third party rights (including intellectual property rights, such as patent, trademarks or name and personality rights) of any kind are injured.

9.3 Members assures stocklotseurope.co.uk expressly that s/he has the copyright, patent, design and/or trademarks and licenses required for sale of goods offered, in particular, for duplication or publication purposes, and that Sales Performance Rights are held. Members assures stoclotseurope.co.uk that s/he has verified that no aforesaid third party rights are violated and no other brands, names or personality rights have been violated by the publication of offers and information. members assumes complete liability for competitive and regulatory legal admissibility of his/her services and advertisements.re

9.4 Members in agreement with the Terms and Conditions agrees to indemnify stocklotseurope.co.uk and its operator Sesaniks Global Marketing UK Limited from all third party claims of whatever kind, arising from the publication of data and offers. The obligation includes both damages and reimbursement of expenses; including legal defense costs that stocklotseurope.co.uk through its operator Sesaniks Global Marketing UK Limited spends for the defense of alleged claims.

10 Deactivation and Removal Services

10.1 Stoclotseurope.co.uk is entitled, without notifying the member, to remove all offers and data and disable the user account if there is evidence of illegality, breach, and/or violation of terms and conditions. It also has a right to disable the members account if a legitimate, -interest of the stocklotseurope.co.uk applies.

10.2 If faced with any third party claims for injunctive relief, damages or right of claims, (notably by dissuasion, call letter, injunction or claim) stocklotseurope.co.uk is entitled to temporary closure of the corresponding data without having to examine the merits of the claims.

10.3 Should blocking a bid ensue due to the actions described in items 1 and 2, the assertion of damages or other compensation claims are excluded by member, even if it turns out later that the claim against stocklotseurope.co.uk or the member was unfounded.

10.4 Where a claim is made by a third party pursuant to an offer by a member, Stocklotseurope.co.uk is entitled inorder to avoid a lawsuit, to disclose information and data stored in the members account to the claimant.

10.5 Stocklotseurope.co.uk is authorised to remove all offers and requests where any type of contact (phone, fax, email, URL, etc.)  information is mentioned   in the item description, title or image. Stocklotseurope.co.uk is also authorised to block access to repeat offenders.

11 Privacy Policy

11.1 stocklotseurope.co.uk is entitled to collect subscriber data to process, store and utilize for its own purposes:

i) Publish in the context of services carried out by stocklotseurope.co.uk,

ii) Within the framework of legal obligations to inform authorized bodies,

iii) Address claims by any third party due to alleged violation of law that communicates contact details of member; and,

iv) Share with the prior consent of the subscriber.

11.2 In accordance with the applicable regulation for telecommunications carriers and providers stoclotseurope.co.uk stores the respective supplier-related data (range, text, photos, changes, and also emails) regularly and deletes them after the storage period.

11.3 Members expressly agrees that personal data may be used by stoclotseurope.co.uk for marketing e.g. sending email with general information and advertising, newsletters etc. The member may unsubscribe if s/he no longer wishes to receive this information. Emails that may contain important information regarding the use or function of the website will always be sent from stocklotseurope.co.uk.

11.4 Members names, addresses, email address and other business contact information relevant to managing the normal course of business will be shared with relevant parties by stocklotseurope.co.uk for contract negotiations and contract management.

11.5 Facebook: You can visit stoclotseurope.co.uk website without giving any information about yourself. Personal data is only collected if you provide it during registration. Our website contain programs that include Facebook plug-ins. These are exclusively operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA.  When you visit our website, it includes  plug-in, your browser establishes a direct connection to Facebook servers, which in turn transmits the contents of the plug-in to your browser and is displayed in the area shown by this website. Information that you have visited our website is forwarded to Facebook. If you are logged into Facebook while on our website, Facebook can assign your visit to this web site account. Through interaction with plug-ins, for example, by clicking the "Like" button or leaving a comment, the corresponding information is transmitted directly to Facebook and stored there. If you want to prevent such transmission, you must log out of Facebook before visiting our website. For further information about the purpose and scope of data collection by Facebook, processing, use of your data as well as your rights with respect to protection of your privacy, please refer to the Facebook private policies. For questions regarding processing, collection or use of your personal data, correction or deletion of data, please contact our Privacy Officer. Same also applies to other social networking portals on our website.

11.6 Google Analytics: Stocklotseurope.co.uk use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. Google Analytics use cookies which are stored on your computer, to help the website analyze how members use the trade portal. The information generated by the cookie, including your IP address, is transmitted to Google servers and stored there. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the trade portal. It will be compiled on website activity for website operators to provide services related to website reports. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if in need of their processing on their behalf. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data it holds . You may block the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. Through the use of the trade portal, you agree that Google will process your data . How Google collects and uses information is available in the Google Privacy Policy.

12 Performance and Availability of Stoclotseurope.co.uk

Services offered by stocklotseurope.co.uk will be provided without any warranty in relation to availability and quality.

13 Limitation of Liability

13.1 Stocklotseurope.co.uk represented through its operator Sesaniks Global marketing UK Limited is not liable for the accuracy and/or completeness of information contained on its website, or any advice, recommendations, information or services accessible through it.

13.2 Stockotseurope.co.uk is not liable for damages resulting from non-delivery, late delivery or defective delivery of the purchased item. The buyer must contact the seller.

13.3 stocklotseurope.co.uk is not liable for damages resulting from removal, suppression or non-removal or suppression of offers, unless stocklotseurope.co.uk, the legal representatives or vicarious agents are accused of gross negligence or intent. In the case of intent, the liability is limited to £200.00.

13.4 With regard to members, claims against stocklotseurope.co.uk for damages, except in cases of breach of contract, only apply if stocklotseurope.co.uk represented by its operator Sesaniks Global Marketing UK Limited, its legal representatives or senior employees demonstrate willful intent or gross negligence. The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply in particular for indirect damages, including loss of profits. In the context of the above liability standard, the amount for which stoclotseurope.co.uk is liable is set according only to the foreseeable damages at contract conclusion.

13.5 The limitations and exclusions of liability do not apply to claims under the Product Liability Act, damages resulting from injury to life, limb, health or mandatory legal rules.

13.6 Stocklotseurope.co.uk is not responsible for hardware and software failure on the server that will be used for the operation or management of its website; nor for immediate error, such as data destruction on the local system of members, virus transmission, unavailability of the website, or damage to hardware and software on the local system of the member. There is no claim to completeness, accuracy or recovery.

14 Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

14.1 The contractor stocklotseurope.co.uk represented by its operator Sesaniks Global Marketing Limited is subject to all agreements including the General Conditions of the substantive law of the United Kingdom under exclusion of CISG.

14.2 Coventry UK will be the sole place of jurisdiction for all user terms and conditions, agreements and arising disputes.

15 Changes to these Terms and Severability

15.1 The Company reserves the right to change these terms at any time without giving reasons. The revised terms will be sent to members via e-mail two weeks before effecting. If the member does not acknowledge validity of the new GTC within two weeks after receipt of the email, the amended GTC shall be deemed accepted. The stocklotseurope.co.uk will alert the user to the importance of this 2 week period in writing.

15.2 The contract will not be affected in any way in event of any of its provisions becoming legally ineffective or losing its validity. The invalid provision shall be replaced by those which are economically meaningful.